Very Very Thankful for Your Continuous Support!!

Hye, Dear. Item received. Gorgeous! Tq =)    (Dalila)

salam..just wanna inform u that I've received the bag just now..thanx   (Safwan)

The bag arrived today in good condition. Thank you very much.    (Hanizah)

item arrived..thank you!! :)   (Afiq)

Salam, thanks ye, dh dpt hihi   (Bazilah)
I've received the Longchamp Rosalie today.. Love the colour!!
Thanks :)   (Brenda)
thank you ntk wallet tu
suka gila!
bf i pun suka   (Faryssa)

dear, ive received the Lc.. thanks!   (Nabilah)
Hi! The item has arrived!
Using it already! ;)  thanks a lot!!  (Lina)

hi there,
Just to let you know that I have  received the longchamp LM on friday afternoon. Thanks so much. Very nice colour.  thanks again. (angeline.)

Salam sis
Bag dh smpai.thanx a lot it!    (Ida)

Hai..i da receive my cute..huhu..thanks..    (Arnis)

Hi Dear, Dah received the bag yesterday, hehe love it.
Saya beli ya ;))
Nice deal with u.    (Rosnita)

akak dah terima hbag! Sgt gojes! Hahaha..thank U so much...!!
Thanks again.Nice dealing with U dear!    (Sharifah)

Hi dear,
Jus to inform u tat I dh receive my bag.. Luv it ... Thanks yeaa :)    (Dee)

Hi dear,
I dah received my handbag. And for sure i reallyyyy love it!
Worth my money buying that handbag. Soon if i want to buy any branded handbag, i'll find u first. ;)   (Amirah)

Hai there
I received the bag already.
Tq so much    (Zunie)
The wallet has arrived safely this afternoon. Everything in order. Thanks.   (Linda)

i da receive the bag... really nice n like it so much... TQVM dear.   (Haslina)

Hi there..
i dah selamat terima brg nye.   (Zieziey)

hi..i dah terima the long champ..last week.  (Zarira)

i received the bag, but it looks more pink than red. (shirley)

Salam and Hi there,
Just to let you know that I actually received it today. Yup, It must have been due to the holidays! Thanks so much and I would surely drop by again sometimes. I wish you the very best and have a great weekend =)

thank you :) i'm a happy shopper ♥    (Raina)

thank you ShoPPe LISTa.... sangat sukaaaaa >__<   (Dina)

Hi dear just received it, Thanks! (Eva)

hi there,
I received the longchamp today. I like it very much.thank you. (Angeline)

I received the shoes ald.. It's so nice.. Thx.. ;) (MoiMoi)

i already get it my stuff..thanks:) (Siti)

Really satisfied, thanks (Julia)

sis, recvd the bags yesterday. really love them! thanks again! (Ruzaini)

hi dear,
juz received the package
do let me know if u have more spanx products ya..suka!!!
thx so much (Susanna)

Salam Sis,
Beg dah sampai..sungguh cute..hehe
terus pakai pegi kerja esok yeay2
Thanks a lot yea Sis..the most neat packaging I ever received ;) (Hani)

hye.. dah received.. tq :) (Eleena)

yup,item received safely..thx for your speedy delivery,nice dealing with u (Shanizan)

Hi dear, just to let u know that I've received the package on friday..tqvm (Iza)

ok, received in good condition. thank you (hamizon)

Thanks ya..suka gila roxy for me...n d nine west for my mum (hanibaby)

Handbag chinese New Year da sampai. tq kak ;p (Zara)

dah received bag. thanks ye (Herny)

salam.. beg dah dapat... tqvm.. :) (Melnie)

Hi dear,
I got the item today! Loving it....! Thank you! (Jaz)

My friend tu dah dpt dah tadi, happy sgt nmpknya..
Beli ya... (Haireen)

Hi,sorry br reply.i dh dpt bag tu.really like it : ) thks ek (Qamie)

I received the watch in good condition!!
Thank you very much!!
~ gembira tak terkata :-) (Lina)

salam dear... dh terima wallet tue (anita)

salam dear sis..
i've received the starla hobo bag..nice and roomy..
thanks watching your updates for more bags ;-)
have a nice day!! ( sharmeela)

I'm sooooooo sorry for not replying sooner.I've received the wallet,best giler!
Gonna give my dad,he's gonna love it.Thanx a million! (teh)

Salam dear,
item arrived safely..hehe tenkiu so much..keep up a good work! (Erzny)

Hi dear,
Received it.tq so much! (Fadzillah)

hi ...beg dah sampai yesterday. the beg is fine...hopefully in future can get more great bargains from u !! (Kak Lina.)

ive received the item.
THANKS!!! :) (Miza)

Elo elo..
Yeah,received d wristlet today!
It's gorgeous!instantly put a smile on my face aft a bad day at work,
Tqvm for ur prompt n efficient service dear.
Will definitely intro ur site to my fellow shopaholic gang :)
I ll def b back for more purchases fr u.
Keep d great stuff n great prices coming my dear.
Cheers n thanx again :) (Elaine)

Hye..I received the sunglasses n crumpler beg... really like it...nice deal with u... thanks (Nor)

dah dapat dah my coach wristlet.thank you (Fizz)

hi dear,
ive just received the item...luv it..luv it!!!
will definitely buy more from u
thx ya!!! (sue)

just get back to the office..was out of office since last week Monday...and good news i saw the parcel on my desk...
thanks a lot...was told that...someone from Pos Malaysia send it to the office. (Zura)

Hi, i already recieved the item thx babe (: (Farah)

Dear, Dah sampai!! thanxxxx (Nurshima)

Hi dear,
just want to inform that I have received the bag....soooo comel. TQ VM! Happy New Year 2011! (Zarina)

hi there, would like to infrom you that the anya hindmarch for target flap bag has arrived and i love it! sorry for informing you about this abit later as I was away from home and it took me for quite sometimes until i get to see the bag! but thanks so much, it was nice dealing with you! (Rosmalinda)

my dear..
sorry for the late reply..duly received the items..luv it! thanks again :) (Aie)

Hi I received the bag yesterday. Nice. (Afidah)

Hi,I dah dapat bag tu sungguh cantik
My mom lak yang nak..
Neway thanks ya. (Afifah)

i just received the bag..... really like it... thanks (Zahrina)

alhamdulillah akak dah dpt handbag 2..cantek sgt..
thanx dik.. (Norrita)

i received my parcel just now. love the bag. love the color. thanks ya... i beli... :) (Azian)

Dah Dapat Wallet. Tq Sis (Sofia Hood)

salam..already received my handbag..luv it! thnx kak.. ;) (Iqem)

Ok dear..i dah dapat pagi tadi. TQVM!!! (Noraini)

dah dapat jam victorinox swiss army. so cantik. thank you kak :D (syazwani)

Hi babe,
I dh received the bag tis afternoon..tq! (Nanie)

Ur beauty & cute handbag was arrived. Very nice. Thank u so much dear.
Senang berurusan dengan u :) (Fairus)

salam sis,
just received the items..thnx yeah..
luv it so much..heheeee (Lina)

akak got the bag. love it!!!!! (Zetty)

hi kak,
br smpai tgh hari td...
thanks for the follow up... (Nadia)

She loves it (k.long)

yes, arrived last monday. Thanks! (Uya)

hi - yes I received it yesterday - thank you (Azlina)

hi! took d parcel today,looove all of them! =)
will always follow up ur blogshop... ;-) (Shuhazia)

wsalam, dah sampai...dah bawak melaram pun....
thanx (Jessina)

I got the bag already.Hehe just reach there by this lunch just now.I already opened the parcel and the bag looks lovely and stunning.I really2 love it.It s very nice and comfortable to buy the bag from you.You are a very good seller and reliable seller.Insyaallah if i ada berkenan dgn mane2 bag..i ll buy the bag from u again. Have a nice day.
Thanks (Nurul)

hey dear,
I am happily to inform you that ive received my parcel from Pos Laju, a few hours ago.
and the satchel and wallet are in perfect condition.
and i am so in love with what i purchased from you and i cant wait to start using them! ^.^ (Sabreena)

Thank you once again!
ill drop by and shopping lagi nanti. :D

Salam Dik,
Dah sampai. Thanks (Noorita)

salam, suda terima beg semalam.
tengsss, i suka beg tu :) (Lina)

hey you,
beg smpi semalam. cantikkkk sgt. loving ittttt! hehehehe... thank again yea! (Sara)

yuppp...dah dapat!
ingat nak sms tp tlupa pulak.. hihi!
thanks ye. best beg nih..
esok nak bawak pegi shopping (Syikin)

Just to inform U the bag sudah sampai
Thanks :) (Kuza)

Dear, Beg diterima dgn selamat.
Thanks a lot. Hope to shop again. (Aimee)

hai dearie... :)
thanks a lot...
just taken the bag from post office...
nice it so muchhh..
next time, bole order from u lg...
anyway, thanks a lot.. (Siti)

hey girl...i receive the parcel d...thanks ya (Mency)

hye,i've received my bag just now.thanks a lot ya.will definitely buy things from u again :) (Aqilah)

hi darl,thanks alot dear. just received the item ..thanks alot for your kindness.. thanks ya :) (Kusma)

Salam Adik
Alhamdulillah akak dah terima purse tu tapppppppiiiiiiii terkejut nyer
....besar tu .... akak ingat saiz biasa ....hahaha ...ok bagus juga ada the way thank you so much....not all seller are like you....very considerate and can give and take .... you keep up the good attitude I personally believe you will be long in this business ...
Thank you and take care.... (Zhana)

hi dear..
item da smpi da today..
fast shopping n perfect delivery..
nice ('',).. (Yatie)

Dear Shoppelista,
I just got the package
Thank you so much
Item received is so gorgeous
Hope to get to see a new batch arrived on your site (Nia)

thx..item da arrive thari smlm..
just rite on time..
tq soo much.. ('',) (Yatie)

I dah dpt brg tq k (Sarah s)

yes, ive received it yesterday... anyways, the bag is nice but the tali is a bit too panjang. so prolly kena hantar kedai pegi potong sikit. but all in all, i LIKE! hehe. thanks dear ;) (Sara)

i've got it yesterday. Thank u. :) (Masliza)

Dear, baru je ni dapat....lega rsenyer..thanks a lot...luvly sesangat.. (Lizawatie)

hi dear,
i just received the package today.
luv it..luv it
made my day!!! thx ya
will definitely purchase more from u..woohooo (sue)

the package arrived on Wednesday..thank you sis lovin its so much ;-) (Fizz)

dear, (Zra)

Thanks, nice doing business wif u (Zura)

U bag dah sampai..tq so much! (Afifah)

I received the bag yesterday, thanks...i really like it =D (Suan)

Hi,Just to let you know that I have received the bag. Thanks. Liked it. (Agnes)

the package have arrive to me this morning.
thanks alot! (Nasruddin)

hai, i da trima ur pckg..thnx! (Zadora)

haiii you!
i da dapat with no delays at all. thanks a lot!!!
definitely buy from you again.
many thanks and selamat hari raya! (Sabrina)

dear,I baru dapat petang semalam.maybe sebab raya lewat
sikit.anyway,thanks very much..cantik sangat..really love it..
Thanks again.nice doing business with u!
Selamat hari raya!! (FadZillah)

Salam. Akak dah terima bag. Terima kasih ya. Selamat menyambut hari raya aidil fitri untuk u dan keluarga. (Nina)

akk, thanks so much ya... OMG!!! Lawa kot handbag... Now I'm jeles...neways...thanks again akk...Selamat ari raye.. Drive carefully ya =)) (Zara)

Hi u brg dah sampai and semua nyer cantik..tq so much ya (Afifah)

hi dik!
Akak dah dapat bag tu just now! Lovely...thanks a lot and Selamat Hari Raya!
I got new bag for Raya ;)
Satisfied indeed! (Marina)

Nama pun poslaju kan...sure cepat!!yup, received note RM2 tot nak bagi u jek
duit raya hahaha..anyway tq Im satisfied wt the hndbag. Insyallah, will deal with u again and again.
"Selamat Eidul Fitri Maaf Zahir & Batin" (Tina)

dah dpt bag. TQ so very much :D (Syazwani)

Salam Dik....
Actually, tak sempat nak sms tadi....bag dah smp tgh hari tadi...gorgeous!!
Abt the balance tu...dah lama akak halalkan...kira duit raya lah tu...hehehe...
Anyway, thanks a lot...Selamat Menyambut Aidilfitri yg bakal menjelang.... (Arinah)

Received with many thanks! (Diana)

ur item in my hands now....luv it!!! baru ada semangat nak raya!!!! hahahaha~ (Dya Dania)

dear, i have received my dayglo sunrise lamb clutch!!!wow!! mmg besar & canteks sgt2!!!tq so much!!wat a wonderful clutch raya it will be!!!ahahhahha...muahrsss!!!keep up ur good services ya dear!!thanks again!!! (Hasleta)

Hi dear... sorry was super duper busy last few days... yup got it on Monday
afternoon, semalam dah melaram :) (Wan Aminah)

Keep up your business, really love it when I can melaram but don't have to
spend that much money hehe...

hye u..i got the bag. nyway thnx. i luv d bag... (Siti Salbiah)

Babe I dah dpt brg tqsm (SarahSuraya)

I've just received the handbag..tqvm (Adif)

just got the items kak...suke sgt...
mommy adore the wallet...shes showing it off to her friends.. haha...i manage to promote ur blog as well among my colleague and frends.. they said ur stuff damn awesome.. if they interested they will be in touch with you ok. (Zara)

just got the item yesterday.looks great :) thank you! (Farhana)

I received the item already
Love it.thanks so much! (Fadzilah)

saya dah dapt wedge sandal tu..
sangat cantik and very comfortable..
tq... (Nawariyah)

Sis! i've received my L.A.M.B bag just now! OMG its so gorgeous!!! ske! ske! Thanks dear (Sofia)

Just got the parcel! Thank you very much. Sukaaa! :) (FaraWahida)

hi dear ... got my pakej the scarft is so awesome!! love its material i can where as a shawl n even as a ijab, tq so much dear...will come visit u again when i c any item tat cacthes me eyes, regards love (hasleta)
I've received it.Thanks! and thanks for the change of balance given.. (Nezyrin)

dear shoppe lista,
got the bag was as i had imagined it to be=)..looking forward to shop at yours again! btw,dnt u hv any coach ponytail scarf that complement the bag in ur to hv one..hehehe.. (Ezita)

hi.. sorry lambat reply coz br sampai rumah.. wallet dah selamat dpt.. cantik suka sangat.. thanks (Adibah Mokhtar)
Baru sampai...
Thnks so much.... very very nice and gorjessss (NorLiza)

Hi, Yeah, I have just received it. Beautiful. Thanks (Herlina)

Hi anis sory I check posmen x letak in mail box dia letak je kat kusi garden luar sooo bahaya la cam tu dear sbb if org ambik anytime je iskkk iskkk anyway I really luv ur items lawa sgt , tq ye (Sarah)

hi dear
Nice H.bag. coach green dah dpt th morning
tq (Mama Pieya)

poslaju dh dtg hari ni... panik jgk sbb dlm system dorang tkde.. nasib baik barang tu mmg ada =)
thanks a lot.. (Melnie)

i da received my parcel
very nice shoes tq so muchhhh (Cella)

Dear Shoppelista,
Received the bags yesterday. Thanks a lot.
Like it very much. The Coach stripe is just in time for my birthday, considering its a birthday present to me.
Thanks. (Normala)
Hi dear,
I just wanted to inform you that I have received your package last week. Im very happy with my purchase and wish
that we can deal again in the future.
Have a nice day :) (NHafiza)Hi,
I received my package late evening yesterday...
Thanks very's nice and in a very good condition...
Will shop more from you later..! (Mazura)

Hye dear
Just receive the bag..thanks a lot for your prompt action. LOVE IT so much!!!
will definitely reccommend u to others shopaholic n have fun with your incoming Holiday! (Ainatul)

Dah cantek I lov itt ade lg x jean ed hardy he he (Sarah)

rcvd...tqvm.. (Sarah Merican)
got the parcel smalam...
(actually it reached here on sat but i was on leave, balik kampung)
suka sangat!!!!
didnt thot it would be THAT good...... (Intan Sofia)

Dear, parcel guess gold dh smpi..sgt superb!tqvm.hepi shoppin wit u :-) (Efni)